Monday, January 06, 2020

Lucky Almond, Lucky Year.

Sadly today, the Nies go back to school, 
back to the grind, and back to the world.
It's bittersweet. I'm glad for the schedules and routines,
but so sad since I've loved the freedom to be exclusively with my family.
I've enjoyed Barre classes with my girls, movies during the day, 
flexible meal schedules, and eating out. A lot.
Our Christmas break this year was one of the best we've had.  
Around the table and under candlelight
we each took a turn sharing the best moments
 of our Christmas holiday and break.
Turns out almost everyone's favorite memories are sitting around
 the table eating good food, and talking.  
And it really has been magical-- and I don't use that word lightly.
We had our official welcome 2020 dinner
 and, for dessert, devoured our traditional Hygge pudding.  
This year Lottie got the almond hidden in her pudding, 
which means Lottie got the 20-dollar prize
and will have the best luck for the year (obviously).
Actually, Mr. Nielson got the almond but slipped it into
 Lottie's dish when she wasn't looking.  
When she found the almond, it was as if all of her
dreams had come true! She was beyond thrilled!
(last year Jane got the almond).

As the night lingered on the
moment we all were dreading came: bedtime.
So we popped the last
 of the confetti balloons hanging on the ceiling left over from our
New Year party, which made an epic mess, and which I will write about later.

Then we had a family prayer around the table and then up the
stairs for the nightly bedtime routine.
After teeth were brushed, pj's on, alarms set, and clothes picked out
I knelt down with Lottie at her bedside and 
 listened to her as she expressed to God in her prayer
the love and gratitude she felt for her little life and family.  
She even mentioned how excited she 
was that she got the lucky Hygge-pudding almond.
It was the sweetest prayer, and it caused a little lump in my throat.
These are the best days. I'm sure of it. I love being a mother
and making a home for my family. There is nothing
more gratifying, more satisfying, and more fulfilling than that of a homemaker.

I reflected on earlier that afternoon when I was making the pudding
and adding the secret special almond; part of me wanted to
 put an almond in everyone's dish. I want everyone to have
  luck for the year, but with or without the almond, 
we can have the best year because we have a Savior.  
He is our guiding light, saving grace, deliverer, and all.
We can overcome and win with His love and guidance.
More New Year posts coming up
(including how Christian and I rang in the New Year,
just the two of us in our PJs).  

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