Thursday, January 09, 2020

Oliver turns 15

There were five things my newly 15 year old 
Oliver wanted to do for his birthday:
1. family basketball game...especially with me (or aka: get whooped)
2. go to our property to shoot guns:
3. eat his favorite acai bowl and avocado toast with the family:
4. eat his favorite Mexican chocolate cake
with cinnamon frosting:
5. eat his favorite dinner: lasagna.
We successfully were able to do everything he wanted except basketball.
Unfortunately the gym we usually go to (church building) was closed
for construction.  But I think 4/5 wishes turned out good.
Another unfortunate moment was the new motorcycle gear I got him
 would fit a probably a 10 year old.  
After dinner we lingered around the table and everyone shared our
favorite things about Oliver.

I reminded him about the first time he saw me after the accident.
It wasn't nearly as traumatic for him as it was for the other Nies.
He took the change the best- he was almost unaffected by it.
I remember that he was concerned and asked some questions, 
but then quickly learned to move forward.
And that's how Oliver lives his life.
I told him how proud I am of him and his almost flawless efforts
to twist and grow with each change our family experiences.
Then I cried, and he did too.
It was a sweet tender moment.

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