Friday, January 10, 2020

Dear 2030,

On the first Family Home Evening of 2020 year,
we sat down after dinner and discussed goal setting and plans
for us individually and as a family.
I had each Nie write a letter to themselves to open in 2021,
 and another letter to open in the next decade: 2030.
Then I stuffed our letters into old bubblie bottles and packed them away.
We talked about how crazy it will be in 2030 to read our letters.
in 2010 we looked like this:
Now we look like this:
So much has changed in 10 years (we added Lottie!!),
and so much more will happen in the next 10 years!
It's exciting!
Who will be with us
around the table in 2030 as we read our letters?
Husbands? Wives? Grandbabies?
I love thinking about it.
I told Mr. Nielson that I have ten years to collect
 more dishes to accommodate more Nielsons for that grand dinner!
Mr. Nielson will be 51
I will be 48
Claire will be 28
Jane will be 27
Oliver will be 25
Nicholas will be 23
Lottie will be 18

Then we ate a raspberry angel food cake 
topped with a "2" and "0" sparkler which got black
ash all over the whipped cream and berries.
We still ate it though.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Return and Receive
"To return to God’s presence and to receive the eternal blessings
 that come from making and keeping covenants are
 the most important goals we can set."

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