Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Ropes.

Over the weekend, I plan my menu for the week ahead.
I look through several of my favorite cookbooks and then modify 
the recipes to fit our food specifications (no meat, more plant-based).
Then make a list and shop after Barre class on Monday morning.
Since Claire has graduated and doesn't work on Mondays,
I am teaching her the ropes; like planning and shopping
for groceries and where to go for a good Acai bowl after class.
Mostly we just laugh at...well, I actually don't even know what.

Last week we had our sister missionaries over for dinner.
I made some delicious chili then, then decided last 
minute to add the cornbread 
batter on top of the chili and cook in the oven.
I looked good and smelled amazing, but when it was time to dig
in at the table, batter oozed out when we broke the crust.
I was embarrassed and horrified.
These sisters are on a tight schedule, so I didn't have time to
make anything else.  Turns out only a small part of the 
cornbread batter wasn't cooked, and the rest was actually amazing.
It was a close call, and miracles do happen.

The BovIQ World Tour update:
Mr. Nielson's first stop: Kentucky.
And he sent a photo to prove it.

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