Monday, January 27, 2020

The World Tour

My weekend seemed short and sweet and busy.
Tomorrow Mr. Nielson is off on a 2 week (plus 2 days) work trip.
I'm calling it his World Tour.
One thing you should know about me (if you don't already),
 is that living without Mr. Nielson in my life for any 
amount of time is the worst.
These next few weeks will be hard, but I am grateful for
 good children who are stepping up to the plate to help out and 
fill in some of the gaps (walking Angus).
I also discovered The Roosevelts documentary on the PBS
channel which is equally boring as it is relaxing, and
I'm hoping it helps my sleep anxiety/insomnia
 while my buddy is gone at night.
I'm also prepared to let Lottie sleep in my bed with me.
Well, that is actually still in the air.  
She's kind of a noisy sleeper.

Good things this week:
-Lottie and I are going to pick out 
her school Valentine's Day cards. (use nienie20 for 20% off)
-Oliver will be halfway done with his Saturday 8-2 drivers ed classes.
-and, I see a little rain in the forecast.
So there's that.

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