Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ranch hopping

Today Mr Nielson and I are headed out west for work, or
what I like call "ranch hopping". 
We are going to be vising ranches
where Christian will implement his newly created scientific cattle app
with the land owners, ranchers, and cattlemen.
He's worked SO hard on this app these past few years,
( oh, like four to be exact),
and I am excited to see his hard work and dreams become realities.

This little getaway will also double as a birthday trip for Mr. Nielson
who turns 41 later this month.
My only wish for this trip is that I see some snow....

And also that our airplane doesn't crash.  Seriously.

The Little Nies are on their own.
This is why having an 18 year old is really handy!
* Weather alert: while I was waiting for Lottie at the bus stop yesterday,
it began sleeting.  I know it's not snow, but it's close enough!!

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