Thursday, November 14, 2019


Last week Oliver C. Nielson #17 finished up his first year of football as QB2.
Most of our Thursdays for the last three months were spent under the 
lights eating Mexican food for dinner in the stands.
It was Gigs and Lottie running around the bleachers 
chasing each other (or other kids), and
Jane and Claire finishing up homework while
 simultaneously watching the game.

And it was Christian and I cheering on our boy! 
Maybe for me a little too loud
(depends on who you ask),  but I can't help it.
You know as a veteran cheerleader, you can't take
the cheer out of the cheerleader. ( I just made that up).
I'm going to miss our Thursday routine,
 but I know we will be back before we know it.

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