Tuesday, November 12, 2019

He just is.

Texting with my siblings is always funny, 
but when my brother Topher chimes in
our text threads are SUPER funny.
He is hilarious with incredible insight and humor, and that is  
especially amazing since he is living with the stupid disease ALS.   
I am constantly amazed at how upbeat and positive he is
even though he is constrained to a wheelchair, can't eat, walk, 
or even talk for crying out loud!
He is still Topher 100% and his texts prove it.
Sometimes his texts are about what people say to him
even though he can't talk back.
Or when they kiss his bald head, 
or kiss his cheek with stinky breath or with lipstick on.
It's pretty funny.
My oldest brother Steve is the tight ends football coach at BYU, and a few weeks
ago the team honored Topher as their "true blue hero".
BYU put together a great video of the team highlighting Topher, and 
I must have watched the video 200 times, smiling right along
with him (and crying too).  
(How I wished I could have been there with some of my other siblings).
Topher said after in a tweet after that
 his only regret was that he wasn't wearing his Thor costume.
I don't think he needs a Thor costume to prove
 how strong and amazing he is.
He just is.

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