Monday, November 11, 2019

18 with a new set of bowls.

When Claire turned 18 and became an adult last month, 
I had a hard time "making" her go to school on her birthday.  
She is 18 after-all and a real life adult, so we compromised
 and she went to her Chemistry class then came home.
Christian and I met her for lunch where we played a 
good game of MASH and talked about her future.
Earlier Christian had gifted Claire her own tool-kit that he put together.
Everything she needs and should know how to use for future projects,
and just for her good know-how skills.
Then, Claire and I went shopping.
It was one of the most fun days in my life.
Being with Claire is like being with my best friend.  
We laugh at the same things, love the same clothes, 
and sniff and like the same smells.
We feel the same about almost everything.
 I bought Claire her first colorful latte bowls at Anthropologie.  
I bought my first bowls when I was 19 and engaged to Christian.
I decided to make this latte bowl buying a new tradition in my life.
And every year for nearly 20 years Christian and I go to Anthroplogie
to buy a new set of colorful latte bowls on our anniversary.
Now you're probably thinking that that is A LOT of Latte bowls,
and it is- or wound be, except we break several throughout the year,
so replenishing them each December 16th works great.
One year I thought it would be really cute to put our then dog, Jimmy's
food and water in them.  They broke like the second day.
  Claire wants to adopt the same tradition for her future family,
and I was so excited to buy her first six.
We finished of the day doing what we LOVE together: a Barre3 class.
After we went home and had double chocolate cake with the family.
Happy 18th darling girl!

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