Saturday, December 17, 2005

Broken latte pieces, a glued tradition.

After I was engaged in September of 2000, Christian and I bought a
 home together that was almost 100 years old. It was brimming with charm.
Wood floors, beautiful fireplaces, original windows, and huge trees.
 My favorite feature was a beautiful pink flower stained glass window 
that sat over the original wide oak front door.

Christian and I began working on the house to make it more suitable to live in.
 We painted walls, pulled out carpet, added wide wood trim to the 
classically beautiful hardwood.
We painted the kitchen a lime green color that I had
 admired from a latte bowl I had bought for my future kitchen.
The bowl came from my very favorite store called Anthropologie. 
At the time, Anthroplogie was only a catalog- now there are many stores all over.
 I bought 8 latte bowls in every color offered for my new kitchen. 
One day, Christian came over to visit me after school 
 and I held up all the bowls with pride.
 "I will be dishing your 7 grain cereal in these bowls for breakfast."
I said to him while laying the bowls out on the living room floor.
He smiled back and said to me, "do you know how great it will
 be to actually have a bowl? 
 I've been using huge popcorn bowls for my cereal."
We almost made it to a whole year without breaking one bowl-
until Christian fed Jimmy his leftover chocolate ice cream in the purple bowl.
One down, five more to go.
When our first wedding anniversary came upon us
 (which was spent in Scottsdale, Arizona),
we decided to buy a new latte bowl to replace the broken one,
 but Anthropologie did a mean trick; they added more colors.
So we picked up 6 more.
After Claire was born we had broken nearly four bowls and pretty soon
 I had a box in my garage with broken latte bowl pieces. 
For some reason I can't throw them away.
On our second wedding anniversary we picked up more to 
compensate the broken bowls from the year before, and before we knew it,
we had created a new tradition.
And as you can guess more children meant more broken bowls.

Just yesterday, Oliver dropped his bowl of oatmeal off the edge of our kitchen table.
Crack!  An orange bowl down.
 "That's OK" I said to him as I bent down down to clean up his mess.

"Because  in a few days I am going to get more".
Then he threw Oatmeal in my hair.
Yesterday for our fifth anniversary, we visited
the darling Anthropogie in Manhattan and bought 
seven more latte bowls in seven new colors.
 To our surprise they had mini lattes as well!
 Perfect for little hands. We bought 9 of them. 
 It's not sad when one breaks because 
 I know every anniversary will bring more bowls,
and thus our tradition stands.