Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I'm on a roll.

Yesterday I finished The Book of Mormon for the second time this year.
I was teary as I finished the last few verses in the book
 because I know the scriptures are true, particularly The Book of Mormon!
And the Spirit told me so.
It was an overwhelming and peaceful feeling.
My original plan was to finish The Book of Mormon on 
Joseph Smith's birthday on December 23rd, 
but I found myself reading more and more each day because
I need the light it brings into my heart.  
I need its truth, and power, and its goodness.
I love the balance and perspective I find in its pages, and
I love that it helps me feel steady and mindful.
But I especially love feeling God's love and light as I read.

I will start over again first thing in the morning.
I think I'm on a roll.
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