Monday, November 18, 2019

Rocky Mountain High

Mr. Nielson spent most of last week in beautiful Colorado
 with his favorite ladies: me and the heifers.
We had a lovely vacation just the two of us.
We ate out, visited two temples in the area,
sweat together at a Barre3 class, 
laughed at most everything,
 spent hours driving around chilly Colorado,
 visited beautiful ranch properties,
and attended a few cattle auctions.

 It's nice now to be back at The White House with the Little Nies-- 
and a mountain of laundry.  Literally.  
I opened the dirty clothes closet upstairs and clothes
 just fell on top of me.  
I felt like I was in a comedy.
 To be honest, I got a little anxious while on the trip, 
and I think that's just par for a mom.
I was relieved to come home to find the Little Nies happy and healthy.
Not long after returning home, I wiped down the disgusting toilets,
 threw out yucky food from the refrigerator, 
and picked up socks hidden under couches.
And that's my job and I love it.
But best of all was kneeling down with my family 
to thank God that Christian and I had traveled safe,
 and the Little Nies were protected while we were away. 
And that Claire and Jane are so responsible and took care of rides,
homework, all meals, clean up, and Angus (and the other pets too!).
Then I mugged on each face and sent them to bed.

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