Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Fire Away.

On Monday, while on my way home from my Barre3 class, I got a text from Oliver, 
then another, and then another. Then they seemed to come for the next 30 seconds.
Since I was driving, I couldn't read them right away (obvs).
The Little Nies know that every Monday after my
 Barre class, I go grocery and errand shopping.
They also know that if they write what they need me to
pick up for them at the store
on my paper list that sits by the backdoor on Sunday night,
they will miss the boat since I try not to go out again for the week.
(I usually end up doing it anyway).
Nicholas always puts on my list some toys that I never buy-
 but he writes it anyway, and
Clane always wants some hair products.
I'm sure Oliver was sitting in class and then remembered he forgot
to write on my list a few items he needed,
(construction paper, tin foil, gum, and apparently a few hoodies).
In a last-ditch effort, he began
frantically firing texts at me one after another.

(me and Olls 2007)

Lucky for him, I was just pulling up 
into the grocery store parking lot.
And I'm really glad I bought the 500-page construction paper pack
since he only used ONE black sheet.

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