Thursday, November 21, 2019

For now anyway.

Late last night when the house was quiet and everyone sound asleep,
I was awake thinking about Claire and some of the sweetest
memories that I have of her throughout her 18 years of life.
I think it's because I'm feeling change in the air.
We attended a Barre3 class together last night and in the car
on the way home we had a really good talk.
When we pulled into the driveway we stayed
in the parked car carrying on our conversation in the dark.
Claire is amazing.  
I know she is my daughter and I might be biased, but she really truly is amazing.
She is level-headed and smart.  
She is looking forward to a bright future-- especially with a 
man who equally as wonderful as she is
(I think that might be impossible, 
but we're praying for that dude--wherever he may be!).

Her high school experience has been much different than
a typical teenager her age.
She spends her weekends going with the sister missionaries into homes
of families to share her love for Christ.
She hangs out with us at home watching epic nerdy movies, and
 goes to Barre classes or on errands with me.  
And she loves engaging in intense conversations
 about politics and history with her dad.
Claire is going to be graduating early from high school in December,
 and plans to work and take a few classes at the
community college near The White House until the fall when she decides
where she wants to attend university.
But her real desire is to be a homemaker like me,
and like a lot of other wonderful women that
 she so admires in her life.
And I LOVE talking to her about that.
I will miss her when the day comes and she leaves my nest.
But for now I will stockpile the holiday chocolate covered Joe Joe's
from Trader Joe's so we can eat them throughout the year,
 and live like things will never change.
 For now anyway.

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