Friday, November 22, 2019


Today Nicholas is getting his tonsils removed so last night
we had our "last meal" as a family since he'll
 be on a jell-o and ice cream diet for the next week.  
All seven of us squished together around a table eating veggie-burgers
with shakes and fries.  
 Our conversations were amazing, like 
when it's appropriate to start listening to Christmas music.
Half of us are OK with listening to it mid-November, and the other
 half of us think only after December 1st.
We compromise here at The White House and only listen to religious 
music mid-November and anything goes after December 1st.
(Except a few songs are 100% boycotted like
 Drummer Boy, Dominic the Donkey, 
Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer, and Christmas Shoes).
Then we listened to Jane and Oliver speak French to each other,
(they are in the same French class at school), and we laughed while
Gigs shared with us his
harrowing tale of popping his paper lunch bag really loud in the
lunchroom resulting in a lunch detention.

There is nothing I want more for my children
than for them to know their divine heritage and destiny.
I want them to know that God knows them, loves them, and
delights when they are obedient to His commandments.
And I think they do.
And I love my role as a mother, nurturer, and homemaker.  
I love what President Gordon B. Hinckley said,
“You who are wives and mothers are the anchors of the family. 
You bear the children. 
What an enormous and sacred responsibility that is."

It's the best responsibility I will EVER have.

Spiritual Enlightenment: An Eternal Partnership with God

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