Monday, November 04, 2019

Halloween at The White House

We had the best Halloween at The White House!
(The day was so amazing I think it might take me all 
week to write about it).
The day started off a little rocky because Lottie's elementary 
class hadn't planned on any Halloween festivities.
BUMMER. She was little upset especially since last year she had the best
Halloween party (and dressed up too).
 I think she was expected something fun.
I think I was expecting her to do something fun.  
Turns out it was a normal day.
But the good news is The Little Nies all had a half-day,
 and NO SCHOOL on Friday,
which is the best way to start off a spooky Halloween weekend!

Around noon Mr. Nielson and I picked up Lottie and Gigs at the bus stop
and then met the older Little Nies in Chapel Hill for lunch.
We debriefed and then revved up excitement for Halloween
 and all the fun festivities in store later in the day/night.

After lunch we went to a cute little pumpkin patch where
 the prices were amazing and selection a little rough.  
But we came home with some fantastic pumpkins.

Once we were home we started the Halloween music mix
(we listened to 'Thriller' a million times, 
and skipped 'Monster Mash' a million times).

Nicholas meticulously carved his pumpkin a good hour after
we had all finished.
He put the last touches on his face just as
the first wave of neighborhood trick-or-treaters showed up.  
We hustled out to the front porch, lit the candles in the pumpkins,
then stood back and adored our cute spooky house.
 Inside on the dining room table was flickering candles where our
Halloween feast was waiting for us to quickly eat and begin our night.

Of course I saved a good portion of the seeds to season and cook,
this has become one of my very favorite Halloween traditions.
This year I made three different flavors: parmesan,
salt and pepper, and dried fennel seeds.

The weather during the day was a blasted 80 degrees, and I will admit 
I wasn't too happy about that.  You know me, I want October
to be chilly weather.  (I guess that is what it was like for me growing up,
and that's just what I am used to).
 But when night came
things turned very different!
And as it turns out, it was the best Halloween weather ever!
It began to lightning with loads of spooky howling wind
which went on for a few hours.  
Mr. Nielson took Lottie trick-or-treating around our neighborhood
while I stayed home cleaning up the feast and passing out candy.
The older Nies left and went to friends houses.
I am so thankful my older children still participate in our family traditions.
The best part is, the LIKE it!  They want to be a part of everything we do.
They're not too cool to join in.  
I am so thankful Lottie will remember her older siblings
being involved in her life and as a family.  
(I just love my kids so much).

Around 10:00 (long after the trick-or-treaters were safe in homes)
it began to pour down rain.
After Lottie had passed out on our bed with smudged make-up on her cheeks,
Mr. Nielson carried her up to her bed, and we watched a watch a scary movie
together.  When I say scary I mean like Disney scary, 
so not scary at all really.

This Halloween was one for the books!

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