Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Halloween at The White House 2.

Sometimes I feel like preparing for Halloween is almost
 more fun than the actual day.  
For example:

This year I chopped up crayons and melted them 
with a blow-dryer on little white pumpkins.
It made a spooky dripping effect and turned out really cool.
The girls and I embroidered Halloween napkins:
We've been making a dozen for each holiday,
 and it's become a highlight of our holiday traditions, and
we already have Christmas and New Year's designs picked out.
 It's such a fun tradition and something Clane 
will be able to have their future homes and families someday.

Of course, we had dry ice and root beer in our 
black cauldron, along with mac & cheese, salad,
and cantaloupe slices for dinner.
And I picked up a dozen of our favorite donuts for dessert,
(as if we needed dessert on Halloween night!).

On the table, I had candles that dripped red wax-like blood
down the sides (and all over my tablecloth),
 skeleton glasses that I bought in New Mexico,
 eyeball ice cubes, and floating candles hanging from the ceiling.
 A giant thank you goes out to Mr. Nielson, who is always
so eager to climb ladders for me, hang things for me, and 
help me achieve my decorating ideas and whims.  
And also for going out 15 minutes before dinner on Halloween evening
 to several grocery stores 
(on his motorcycle no less) to get five pounds of dry ice.

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