Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Welcome Back!

Last night we had our Welcome Back October party.
We celebrate the month of October like it's
a month-long holiday around here.  
October is a little different here in North Carolina,
and I've found that it's a little harder to get into the October mood because 
while we were sipping hot cider it's 95 degrees outside.  
{Come on cold front!!"}
While the Little Nies were at school today, 
I decorated The White House with our Halloween decor.
Bats are flying in the doorway, skeletons and ravens adorn our mantle,
and the front porch is glowing with colorful pumpkins.
I washed Halloween dishes, ironed tablecloths, and dyed 
a set of napkins spooky black and grey for our dinner table.

Mr. Nielson picked up the cider (proudly made in North Carolina), 
and Krispy Kreme donuts (also proudly made here in North Carolina!!),
 on his way home from meetings in Durham.

I made a lovely dinner which consisted of:
caramelized onion cheddar mac & cheese,
arugula and kale salad with sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, quinoa,
toasted almonds and cherries. 
Of course bread and fruit was involved too.

When it got dark we turned on our favorite Halloween cartoon:
Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow- (with Bing Crosby).
I mean, I've been watching this cartoon since I can remember,
and I swear it gets funnier every year.
During the cartoon, and with hot cider (infused with delicious star anise btw),
I looked over at my almost 18 years old Claire
 who was sprawled out on the couch in her pj's watching
Halloween cartoons.
We've been having this Welcome October party since she was born, and
I can't imagine not having her around for this tradition.
I don't know where she will be next year.
Life could take her anywhere and 
that causes a giant lump in my throat.
It's a bittersweet lump
 (but a mostly sad lump if I'm being honest).
Welcome back October!

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