Thursday, October 03, 2019

Lunch with Lod

In Utah Lottie has a best friend called Ada and they've
 pretty much known each other all their little lives.
Ada started calling Lottie "Lod" when they first leaned to talk.
"Lod" is short for "Lottie" which is short for Charlotte.
Sometimes I call Lottie "Lod", and every time I do
 I think about cute little Ada running around my Utah house
with Lottie in dress-ups or swimming suits or in their skimpies.
  It's a sweet, sweet memory.
Lod has been asking me to come to her school and eat lunch with her 
for weeks now, and apparently 
this is a very popular thing to do as a parent.
And after having lunch with her today, I can see why.
Eating lunch with the kids is a treat!
Besides the cafeteria smelling like tater-tots and dirty dish rags,
the kids are so cute and funny, plus I think it made Lottie's week.
Last night before bed, I made myself a sack lunch along with the other FIVE
 sack lunches I make each night (what's one more?).
Around 12:30 as I was leaving out the door, Mr. Nielson 
asked if he could come too
 and I was more than happy to have him tag along.  
I quickly made him a sack lunch and off we went.
We got to the cafeteria a few minutes before Lottie's class arrived
and surprised her when she walked in.
And for the next 25 minutes we enjoyed peanut butter and 
jam sandwiches, trail mix, apple slices, Doritos, and warm water.  Yum.

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