Tuesday, October 01, 2019


Happy October!
We are on the countdown until General Conference!
To prepare for this weekend of spiritual enlightenment,
the Nielson family has begun our social media fast.
This is a highly anticipated weekend, and leaving social media 
really helps us prepare to hear from our Prophet and Church leaders.
I am continuing to blog/journal each day, 
but I won't be on IG or anything else like unto that.
 Each Nie has decided to fast from something:
IG, Facebook, Pinterest, ipad, or computer games.   
As a result, Lottie has hosted several table games
that have been hilarious and competitive.
As a family we've connected with each other more, 
served with deeper purpose,
and have had significant conversations-- and it's only been the first
few days!  As we get older these fasts are more meaningful and
more effective, and I love it!
* * * * *
Our Prophet, Russell M. Nelson said:
“Disengage from a constant reliance on social media 
by holding a seven-day
 fast from social media,” said President Nelson
Social media can certainly be a wonderful tool to connect
 with others and share goodness, but if you’re paying more
 attention to your Instagram feed or favorite
 YouTube videos than to the Spirit, it’s a problem.
“[The] downside of social media is that it creates a false reality,”
 President Nelson said. “Everyone posts their most fun, adventurous,
 and exciting pictures, which create the erroneous impression that
 everyone except you is leading a fun, adventurous, and exciting life.
 Much of what appears in your various
 social media feeds is distorted, if not fake.
Give yourself a seven-day break from the fake!
This social media fast can be just between you and the Lord,” 
said President Nelson. “It will be your sign to Him that you
 are willing to step away from the world.

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