Sunday, September 29, 2019


I had the privilege recently to 
to visit the children in church and talk to them 
specifically about the Apostle Paul who overcame many
trials and hardships in his life. He was an amazing man and Apostle.
It was really fun, and I love kids so much because
 they are innocent and so funny! 

Before I spoke, one of the teachers stood in front
of the room to introduce me as a guest speaker.
She started to share a little about who I was and also
that I had been in a airplane crash.
One of the kids blurted out in all seriousness:
I could barely hold it together, I was laughing so hard.
I think I know what I'll be for Halloween.

Speaking of you realize that tomorrow we celebrate OCTOBER!!
We Nielson's always have a fun dinner, donuts, cider, and of course watch
our favorite Halloween cartoon, it's a Nielson tradition!

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