Friday, September 27, 2019

What Does Heaven Look Like?

After a busy week of school, work, temple trips, 
 parent conferences and plenty of homework,
we finally made it to the weekend.
Usually weekends in The White House mean that life slows down for us,
 and our family can hang out and connect.
I hope that's in our forecast.

Speaking of the forecast, sheesh, the weather here
lately has been killing me (and NOT in a good way).
  Upper 90's all week. Blahhhh.
My body has already started craving cooler weather and change,
and I am still patiently waiting on North Carolina
 to feel the same way as I do.
I could go for weeks with dark clouds or rain or snow, 
or all three at the same time!
Does that make me weird?
Once my kids and I were talking about what our heaven looks like,
and turns out my heaven is what fall looks like here in North Carolina,
and if I'm honestly honest, my heaven has
 parts of what I imagine January looks like in Alaska.
Whatever your weekend looks like, I hope it turns
 out to be your heaven on earth.
* * * *
There is a new book coming out about
 the story of 16-year-old burn survivor named Ava 
who searches for her "new normal" after a fire left her with severe scars. 
Scars Like Wings is beautifully and honestly written.
Often throughout the book I was brought to tears as 
I reflected on my journey as a burn survivor.  
It also reminded me of how strong and amazing we humans are!
It's a good read!

* * * * * * *

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