Thursday, September 26, 2019

Half-Day, Hooray!

Today was a half-day in school for the Little Nies- which was perfect
because then we were able to spend
most of our day with friends again touring the newly
 reconstructed Raleigh temple.

Christian and I had invited several friends and neighbors
to tour this gorgeous building,
and three separate groups of our friends were able to
 join us at different times of the day.
The temple is so special to our family and we want everyone
we know to be apart and see this beautiful place.
The Little Nies invited friends from school, we invited neighbors
and co-workers, and even strangers we didn't know got an invite!
My feet hurt from standing and walking,
and my mouth is sore from smiling.

After our last tour was over and the sun was setting,
we jumped in the car and drove
to the high school to watch the 3rd and 4th quarter
 of Oliver's football game.
(They won by a 1 point field goal!).

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