Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Where heaven touches earth.

After school, the Clane came into my bedroom where
 I was lying on my bed, preparing for the bewitching 
dreaded 4:00 rush hour before dinner.
The girls plopped down on the couch, and then we talked about
 school, boys, dating, college, and upcoming plans.
I love these girls so much.
 They make me feel old and young all at the same time,
 and when I get gray hair, it will be because of them.
But I am also confident that they will keep me sharp
and on my toes as long as I am alive.
The men they will marry someday 
will be the luckiest dudes that ever lived.
My biggest hope is that these unknown boys 
somewhere in the world are making good choices NOW
 as they mature and become men.
I hope they are preparing for their future and their families
just like my wise strong God-fearing girls are.
Then I reminded the girls that I would need them to clean up after dinner, 
pick up Oliver from football practice, keep Nicholas focused on homework,
then Jane needed a ride to violin lessons later in the evening.
Lottie, Christian, and I were meeting Lottie's good friend from school, and her
family at the newly reopened Raleigh Temple open house for a tour.

The temple is gorgeous, and the inside is stunning.
As I walked the halls of this beautiful edifice,
 I felt the truth confirmed to me:
the temple is a symbol of forever families, 
hopeful futures, endless peace, and joy, 
and eternal life with loved ones.
I couldn't help but reflect on the conversation
I had earlier with Clane in my bedroom.
We talked in depth about marriage, families, and futures, 
and for members of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the temple
 is where all of those goals and dreams happen.

"The temple of God is the most sacred place of worship in the world — a place
 where heaven touches the earth, a place where marvelous
 blessings are bestowed, and a place where we can feel closer to
 our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and strive to become more like Them."

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