Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Same things

This photo might not mean anything to you-
but it means a lot to me,
and our family, and especially to Christian.
Someday we'll talk about it.
But now my eyes are going cross-eyed and disappearing into my
computer screen. I am exhausted.
Today was one of those in every direction delightfully busy days.
But when it was time to end the day we were all together
under one roof safe and complete.
I happened to look at a blog post I wrote five years ago
while we were living in Fox Hill.
I was doing just about the same things that I am
today, just with bigger humans, and different activities.
I was grateful and loved my life back then
 just as much as today.
A lot has changed since 2014,
 but the most important things haven't,
and that's what makes me truly happy.

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