Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The News

Claire: Started a new little nanny/chauffeur job today!
Go Claire!  

Jane...loves the Harvest Spice trail mix at Trader Joe's, 
and sadly it only comes during the autumn months.
 Today the mix hit the shelves so I grabbed several sacks
 and sent Jane a video text to share the
 good news of the return of this deliciousness.
The video is of me dancing to the song "Hello Again" by The Cars.
You heard that Ric Ocasek, who is the lead singer of The Cars
passed away a few days ago, and since Jane is my 80's baby
naturally she was the one who told me of his passing.
I thought it appropriate to celebrate his life, and our love for trail mix
to that epic song. (Also THIS)
Oliver....resumed football practice after weeks with a sprained foot, yahooo!
He is ready to take those Chargers on to victory!

Nicholas....had a ginormous tooth pulled today. 
Since he has a severe case of dental phobia, 
I didn't tell him when I dropped him off at school this morning
that I'd be back in a few short hours to take him to the dentist.
It was a rough pull.

Lottie...enjoyed her first day with her permanent 2nd grade teacher, Ms. V!
Then if that wasn't exciting enough, her very favorite teacher
 Ms. L came over to have dinner with us!

Mr. Nielson got some medicine to relive his canker sores.
  Thank you to the drug company who invented this stinky miracle drug.

I bought a few Halloween decorations while at the store today,
and took a 15 minute power nap after homework and before
dinner prep. Thumbs up.

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