Friday, September 06, 2019

It's in my blood.

My girls and I were lucky enough to attend the Raleigh North Carolina 
sister missionary conference yesterday.
It was one of the sweetest, most powerful meetings I have ever been too.
The mission president and his wife (our dear friends) Matt and Paige Holland
are helping the sisters prepare for the magnificent re-opening of the 
Raleigh North Carolina Temple later this month.
We heard from other wonderful speakers and talent on how to share the
good news of Jesus Christ with the people of North Carolina.
I was especially touched and honored to have been able to share 
thoughts with the sisters about my love of missionary work,
 and how I feel like it is embedded deep in my blood.
I felt like I was missionary minded before the accident, 
I had my first real missionary experience when I was 17 years old
while babysitting my sisters children in San Francisco.
I taught the plan of happiness to a woman at a park while her kids played
with my nieces and nephews.
I didn't even really know what I was talking about, but I felt 
the spirit testify truth, and I knew she felt it too,
and after that experience something changed in me.  
Also she was amazed that my sister had 6 children,
(and that I was only 17 and babysitting them!).
As I have raised my own children, sharing my love for the Savior
has been a natural and easy way to talk about God and blessings.
 But after my accident missionary work changed for me, and it
became really daunting to talk about and share because of my new appearance.  
I felt unsure of myself and was scared to talk and approach people
like I used to do so effortlessly before the accident.
But God was patient with me, and helped me find my light and confidence,
and soon missionary work became part of me again.
In fact, now I see that because of the accident missionary work has
had more of an impact in my life.  I share the miracle I witnessed
and the love I have for Christ with everyone I can.

Claire and Jane and their friend Grace, who is the mission president's daughter,
(and who didn't have school because of school closures
for hurricane Dorian),
came along with me to the conference and soaked up 
every single second of the meeting.
They took notes and on the ride home from the conference my girls
filled my ears with thoughts and inspiration they had and feelings they felt.
I have a feeling I have a few future missionaries on my hands-
whether they serve a full-time mission or not, they will be 
"instruments for God, and publishers of peace" 
when they move away, or at school,
 at work, and especially and most importantly
 within their homes, and with their children.
“And thus they were instruments in the hands of God in
 bringing many to the knowledge of the truth, 
yea, to the knowledge of their Redeemer.

“And how blessed are they! For they did publish peace;
 they did publish good tidings of good; and they did declare
 unto the people that the Lord reigneth.” 

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