Thursday, September 05, 2019


I'll be honest, today was a little hectic.
I didn't get dinner on the table until after 7:00 which is
really late for our family.
After dinner and scripture study, and instead of picking up the dinner dishes
and quickly cleaning up the table in preparation for the bedtime routine, 
we all just sort of just sat around the messy table talking.  
We talked about the weird things the kids teachers say,
the hurricane coming our way later tonight, 
(there is a 2 hour early release from school tomorrow 
in preparation for hurricane Dorian).
 Somehow Christopher Columbus was brought up as well as
the Godhead, and how Ollie hurt his foot last Monday playing football,
(he's been on crutches since). 
Our family can get pretty busy with everyone's different schedules and activities,
but there are just somethings that I really make
an effort to execute on a daily basis.
Scripture study and eating dinner together around the table
 are a few items on the list.
No matter how behind I feel during the day, if I can make those things
 happen, I can usually go to sleep with a clear mind.


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