Monday, September 09, 2019


On Saturday our family attended the baptism for my newest dear friend T.
T is a single mother of five who works long hours each day
to support her children.  Her days begin early and end late, she is
often sleep deprived, exhausted, physically and emotionally drained.
But he faith is so very inspiring!
I have been ministering in her home for almost a year now, 
and yesterday she chose to be baptized by her 16 year old son Lucas!
Christian and I spoke at the baptism- I spoke specially on the
 Holy Ghost and who He is, and what His job is.  
I shared a few examples in my own life of when 
I relied on the Holy Ghost to help me make decisions, 
feel peace, healing, and comfort.
 I have even relied on Him to 
help me know what to make for dinner:

Just a few nights ago I had a busy day and felt overwhelmed as dinnertime
approached because I wasn't prepared and in sheer frustration
I said a prayer in my heart because I needed help.
  I felt the Holy Ghost inspire me and help me remember a
 dinner that I could make that was quick and easy.
 This may sound silly, but as a mother of five children,
I needed help, and because I know
 God loves me and wants me and my children to be happy and successful, 
God gave His children the gift of the Holy Ghost.
His job is to inspire, teach, warn, and help us--
especially as mothers and especially at 4:30 when the homework is in full-force
 and dinnertime is looming.
The Holy Ghost is better than any Pinterest board, IG account, 
or magazine because His ideas are always unique and original, they are
beautiful, and cost-effective, and the best part is, 
they are tailored just for us!
Congratulations T and family!

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