Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Nie Mobile.

Today Mr. Nielson and I took Clane to check out a few cars that
 would be appropriate for them (plus Ollie) to drive to school.
We've found a few good ones, and perhaps today, we'll finally
 decide and make a purchase!
We've checked out cars for sale in front of houses,
 online sales, and some used car lots too.
For a few years, while I was in high school,
 I drove the family '89 suburban.  
I occasionally had a car full of kids and would drive
 to and from school, and sometimes to lunch too! 
 I could really pack 'em in the "neighborhood taxi."
I had to park at the very back of the parking lot at school
because it was a big car and couldn't fit in the mini stalls 
close to the front doors.
Mr. Nielson drove a 1980 yellow Chevette that he had earned
from his grandpa and grandma for shooting over
 100 prairie dogs at the ranch.
We don't want to get anything fancy for the kids.
They don't need any bells and whistles--just a nice sturdy car that will
take them to and from school every day, 
a horn that works, seat-belts that buckle,
windshield wipers that move, and tires that run.

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