Friday, August 23, 2019

Back to School 2019

-Early this morning I dropped Oliver off at Freshman orientation.
-Claire, Jane, and Oliver met with the high school counselor
(and Mr. Nielson) to discuss school schedules.
(All three will take a honors horticulture class together).
-Mr. Nielson and I purchase a vehicle for our high-schoolers.
-The repair man comes to fix the washer.
-We hit Lottie's 2nd grade back to school night: 
We learn that there are five 2nd grade classes
 in our elementary school, and not enough teachers, which means  
Lottie doesn't even have a teacher yet (school starts on Monday).
In a stale classroom without any windows,
 (and desks that I am pretty sure are from the 1980's),
 we met with the substitute teacher who will lead the class
until a replacement is hired.
I didn't even take any photos of her on this memorable evening 
because I felt a little disheveled as we tried to make sense of the situation.
I admit I left disappointed, empty, and sad.
It's a far cry of her 1st grade experience last year.
(I think we really took that for granted).

-We stopped at Nicholas's 7th grade back to school night just as 
the evening was wrapping up.  
-Grabbed a dinner at my favorite pizza joint then dropped kids off at home.
-Mr. Nielson and I met the sister missionaries and went to
visit and minister to a new dear friend, and her beautiful family. 
--It was a busy day.  A busy good productive day.--
We are a go for tomorrow's big back to school feast! 
 There is a buzz in the air here in The White House.  
We are all looking forward to kind of feels like Christmas Eve!
Also somewhere in there I made a pot of beans to feed us 
throughout the busy day, Lottie and I cleaned her bird cage,
 Nicholas's hedgehog Fern got a bath, 
we ordered a few back to school clothes, 
and I showered.  Good day.

Happy weekend!

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