Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Back to School Shopping

Today I took half the Little Nies to the mall for school shopping.
 (Yes, you heard me right, the mall
not the mail like we usually do for school shopping).
It's still 1000 degrees here in NC, (with humidity),
 and buying the cute fall clothes like jeans or long-sleeve shirts
 and sweaters seems ridiculous, but spending
 more money on summer clothes does too. 
So I told the kids they could each pick out a two new things
 (whatever they want), they also can pick out 
a pair of shoes, and of course undies and socks until the
end of September when we officially go back to school shopping.
 Lottie fell in love with a giant butterfly Halloween costume that she
just haaaaddd to have, and I was sucker and bought it for her.
Then she put it on and flew around mall and up and down the escalators,
and then I remembered that back to school shopping is kind of
fun with little kids.

Plus and added bonus was seeing Clane's friend
who works at Ben & Jerry's right in the mall,
 and naturally we had to stop. (Thanks Ella!)
Tomorrow I will take the other half of the Nies,
and we'll probably stop for ice cream again then too.
I can't believe school starts on Monday--
I am excited and sad.

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