Thursday, July 18, 2019

Jonesons Beach Week, day 5

This morning we woke up early to watch two darling
rescued sea turtles who have been in captivity for three years
be released in the ocean wild.
It made me cry.  It was incredible!
Then we came home and hung around the beach house.
We got so much sun yesterday, we needed a breather.
Christian and Spencer took 
the boys to the arcade just a walk away,
(where they spent almost 50 bucks!!!) .

Rewind to a week ago when Oliver asked me if he could rummage 
through the laundry coin jar where I've been collecting
 loose change for years.
He cleaned me out of my quarters.
Now I know why.
The girls went out for lunch, and to explore the area.
It was so nice to have quiet conversation with just Linds.
We talked about our children, the gospel, faith, and relationships
while baby Milo played on the floor in his diaper and pajamas.
We are are so much alike in our feelings, our mothering, and
our dedication to Jesus Christ.  It's so easy to connect.
 I love Lindsay so much, and am grateful
for her in my life.  She lifts me up, and she thinks I am funny too.

Christian and Spencer came back to the beach house
with the boys and fell asleep on the couch while
Lindsay and I continued our conversations.
My favorite part of the day was around dusk when we had a family football 
game on the beach, and impromptu swimming in our clothes.
It was fun until we saw a fin floating several feet from us.
We booked it back inside and came home for bean, rice, and cheese burritos.
Then we sat on the porch taking in the warm salty air and glorious moon.
The days are going by WAY TOO FAST!!!! 

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