Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Jonesons Beach Week, day 4

Today the Jonesons were up early headed north to the town of Beaufort.
Some of us were not too excited about the early hour we began our day (Lottie).
But the early bird catches the worm!

We hopped a ferry to the tiny island of Shackleford (established in 1713),
Shackleford is a tiny barrier island with wild horses and amazing shells.
How the horses arrived on the island is still a mystery; 
legend has it that these horses are descendants of 
Spanish Mustangs that survived a shipwreck.

As our boat came upon the island, we saw
 the wild horses eating beach grass - it was kind of amazing.
The island is small with no facilities
so we kind of felt secluded and primitive.
The kids played all day in the warm (almost hot) water.  
We also fished, swam, read under our beach cover, and shelled. 
 I found a few beautiful conch shells and broken sand dollars.
After about five hours we were cooked.
The sun was relentless and I was tired of putting gallons of sunscreen
 on sandy bodies, so we decided it was time to pack it in.
We headed back on the ferry for home.
A little grouchy, a lot exhausted, sunburned, hungry and wet.
But what's a beach trip without those moments?!
Another successful and memorable day for the Joneson clan!

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