Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jonesons Beach Week, day 3

It was a lazy morning for us here at Himmelstrand
 (that's the name of the beach house we are staying in).
Most of us slept in until 10:00- even the kids.
Mr. Nielson and I have been sleeping with our door wide open so we can
hear the constant rumble of the waves.
It's truly glorious. 
We had a late breakfast following a Joneson family scripture study, then
spent the full day at the beach which included:
Swimming, bodysurfing, sand, fishing, talking, eating, laughing,
 boogie boarding, shell collecting, kid watching, and sunburns.
We did so well on lathing up sunblock, but a few of us
 (Mr. Nielson, and Lottie) got a little pink.
When 4:00 came around, the younger kids decided to be 
done and walked back to the house.

The older kids and the adults decided to bodysurf for the next hour.
(I haven't laughed that hard in a long time).
We went out for dinner and ice cream after.
(DQ has cotton candy Blizzards!)

Then Spencer, Lindsay, Christian, and I  made another late night
Walmart run for lunch items since we are headed on a field trip 
with all 14 of us today.
These late night shopping dates are becoming a treasured memory.
It was right where the kids were swimming and playing in the water.
It made me a little uneasy.
  Are we crazy to swim here?

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