Wednesday, July 31, 2019

It's not about the Uggs.

Lottie really wants a purple glitter dragon that she saw
online, and I said she could
 could earn the dragon if she did five things every day for two weeks:
1. say her prayers when she wakes up
2. make her bed
3. get dressed
4. brush her teeth
5. read with me for at least 30 minutes.
So far, so good (we only started this yesterday).

Today in the 100 degrees (plus humidity), Lottie and I walked to the secret park
because she wanted to play- specifically on the monkey bars.
She decided today would be perfect for wearing long pants, a black shirt,
and Uggs. Then my phone rang, and it was my mom.
Before you knew it, mom and I chatted for over an hour with
Lottie asking me the whole time to help her on the slide,
 push her on the swing, and so forth.
I did my best while on the phone, but Lottie got really impatient and 
then without saying anything, she just left.
I finished my call and caught up to Lottie, who was beet
red with sweat dripping from her face.
Then she said something like, 
"how would you like it if I was on the phone
the whole time you were playing at the park?".
Then I said, 
"honey, next time, maybe let's not wear your Uggs
I think it's making you really hot."
Then she said, 
"It's not about Ugg's mom."
She's right about that.
If you are studying your Come, Follow Me manual,
you know then that we are learning about Paul.
It's been so neat to see photos strewn throughout the manual 
of my brother Topher, who plays Paul as an actor.
His videos are beautiful and will be a treasure for our family and me
forever.   I love you, Topher (happy birthday yesterday!).

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