Tuesday, July 30, 2019

I'm getting ready

I have been preparing for our Back to School Feast!  
Can you believe it? Already!
Mr. Nielson and I have prayerfully selected our theme 
and are really excited to share it, and then implement 
it in our family life for the 2019-2020 school year.
This year is really important since it's Claire's last
 (yes, I said LAST) year in school, (I'm dead).
It's also Oliver's first year in high school.
I've also planned and picked out the decorations, colors, and menu.
I'm ready for the party, I'm just not ready for school to begin.
I think we all went to bed last night after midnight. 
 I'm trying to suck up every last summer second with my children.
At dinner this evening,
I asked Mr. Nielson and my boys to design and build
stools to sit in front of the inside windows in The White House.
I want to be able to sit pumpkins on them for Halloween.
They spent the evening on some engineering designing computer program
sketching them up for me.
I think the boys are secretly excited for Halloween
 just as much as me.
I mean, aren't you?

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