Monday, July 29, 2019

The Beard

I took Angus to his monthly grooming appointment a few weeks ago.
I planned this appointment perfect so that the day we
 returned home from the beach with the Joneses, he would be picked
up from the sitters house and straight to the salon.
I got a phone call shortly after drop-off from his groomer who
 informed me that his beard was so matted and disgusting,
I believe "pirate dreads" were the words she said, and
she had no choice but to shave it off.  
All I could think about was the part in book, 
The Lion, Witch, And The Wardrobe 
when Aslan is captured by the evil witch and his mane is
 shaved off in an act of shame and humiliation.  
I thought Angus would be broken.
His beard is the cutest part about him!  
When we picked Angus up at the groomers I didn't even recognize him.  
Who was this strange goofy looking dog?  
We laughed for hours (and I cried a little too).
We all have those stories of horrible haircuts- I've had so many bang cuts
 where I've wanted to hide in a ditch for 7-10 days.
Then we had a family counsel where Mr. Nielson and I 
 committed each child to a day where they would 
use the special wire-combed brush to groom Angus beard,
because I am never letting this happen again.
It's just hair and it will grow back.
He just might not make it in this years Christmas photo.

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