Monday, July 08, 2019

4th of July 2019

Last year on the 4th of July I was sick in bed while 
my family experienced our first 4th of July in North Carolina!
And I have to say, this year was significantly better.

On Independence Day eve, we had our own little firework show in front
 of The White House.
The night was muggy and hot, but I didn't mind as 
 I rocked in my chair on the porch 
with a Dr. Pepper in hand.
I watched Lottie buzz around on the lawn with sparklers, and
the boys light fireworks with the dogs barking like crazy.
 It was a perfect night.
I thought about my family back in Provo who were no doubt on
 I miss this time of year in Provo.
I missed them, but was genuinely happy to be creating 
new traditions with my children.
I'm hoping I can get one of them (LUCY) to visit me next year.
Early in the morning on the 4th we woke up and met up with a
 few other wonderful North Carolina families and 
floated the river near our home.
We had about a dozen boats in our party, and the
 weather couldn't have been better.
It was a long run and the water level wasn't quite where it should
 have been which meant it was really shallow in several spots.
Often had to get out of our boats to 
to push them off rocks which is exhausting 
especially under a hot sun.

But we stopped a few times along the way
 so we could jump in the river to cool down and take a break.
(And the boys let off a few fireworks).
We sang patriotic songs and saw TWO bald eagles along the way.

After a long six hour adventure, we headed for lunch.
We were super exhausted and hungry.
Right as we walked into the restaurant the sky turned black
and it began to rain which was 
actually a nice break from the unusual 100 degree
weather we're experiencing.
Once we finished lunch we headed for home,
each of us took about a three hour nap.
There is something so great about sleeping in a bed in the mid-day.
The weather cleared up and it turned out to be a perfect evening
for a firework show and dinner at a friends house.
There were several times throughout the evening when I felt
overwhelmed with gratitude.
I felt grateful for my family and my American heritage.
I even felt grateful for the cheese puffs on Lottie's dinner plate.
  I felt grateful for my country, and my life in this beautiful country.
Then I watched Lottie chase frogs as the fireflies twinkled under the trees,
 (she caught six and put them all in a red plastic cup).
I was so thankful for good friends here in North Carolina
 who have invited us to be apart of their lives and families.
We made it home later that evening in time to walk the dogs,
shower, put Lottie to bed, and then watch the first episode of
Stranger Things season 3.
 (I'm not feeling this season).

Happy Independence Day!

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