Monday, July 07, 2014

4th July 2014 Day #4

The Patriots Posse took the streets on the 4th of July eve for
the 5th annual Freedom Ride.
Mr. Nielson's motee was unfortunately sick and in the shop.
Mr. Nielson and I lead the posse through the
 streets of Provo in the convertible along
with my brother Topher, his wife Lisa and Umi.
 The 2014 Posse included:
 Mr. Nielson, me, Umi, Topher and Lisa.

Brother Matt & Katy
 Brother Jesse (Golf Champ) and Lindsay
 BFF's Spencer & Lindsay
 Oldest brother Steve & Suzanne
 Brother Andrew & Megan
 Then our ride took us to Swig (or Swags as Umi calls it) 
for a "dirty" or "dirty coke-- if you are Mr. Nielson--
 after the ride.
Great night troops!  God bless America!