Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Summer in The White House

It was a typical summer day here in The White House.
The girls and I left to Barre in downtown Chapel Hill
 before the sun was up.
Just as we were leaving out the door,
Oliver was tying his shoes to head out to football camp.
(I can't believe he is going to be a FRESHMAN in high school!).  
After the girls and I went to our Barre class,
 we went grocery shopping for the week. 
And basically we just laugh the whole time we are together.
We laugh at funny things we see, or each other, 
or today, for example we laughed at my bangs. 
 Mr. Nielson cut them for me last Saturday and it's kind of a doozy.
(I guess I get what I pay for).
With a car full of delicious groceries we headed home.
Meanwhile back at the White House Lottie, 
and the boys were riding their scooters inside
with the music up really loud.
It's definitely summer.

Claire was in charge of lunch today and made a delicious
muenster cheese sandwich and paired them with grilled peaches.
Tomorrow Oliver's up.
He's stepped outside of his usual bean burrito routine
and is making bean burritos with grilled pineapple slaw.
In the evening over summer pasta our family
discussed and pondered the transformation of Saul to Paul
(in the Bible).  His transformation was epic and incredible.
We talked specifically about this question:
Should we ever consider anyone an unlikely
 candidate for change—including ourselves?
It brought up a lot of feelings and opinions.
I love having these conversations with my children.
They are usually very thoughtful and sometimes deep.
Usually Lottie lays under the table with Angus while we chat,
I know someday she'll join us at the table.

 Then we tearfully said our goodbyes to Hank the famous dog.  
His owners picked him up.
I would adopt that fluffy white pooch in a heartbeat!

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