Friday, June 14, 2019

The Beach in June.

We left for Wrightsville Beach from Chapel Hill
this morning in the pouring rain.
We were praying (and trusting) that the weather report (and the sun)
 would break through the clouds as we drove two hours south.

We made it to the beach around noon, and sure enough the
 clouds broke up, and the sun did, in fact, pop out.

This was our last day with cousin Lydia.  
Sadly she leaves back to Utah this afternoon.

It has been so fun having her here, and Clane has loved 
having a friend whom they adore close by...
even on the super boring days
with the pouring rain and cloudy weather.
We searched for teeny tiny shells so someone could put them in 
a letter to someone who is serving a mission.
Also, Jane found a shark tooth!
On the ride home from the beach, I looked back at the car
 to find six sleeping children.
They all seemed content and exhausted (and sunburned, too!).

Spiritual Enlightenment: Earthly Father, Heavenly Father


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