Monday, June 17, 2019

Father's Day 2019

This is my 18th Father's Day with Mr. Nielson, and 17 of those years
 have been with actual offspring.
Together Christian and I have created the most beautiful family, 
and he has been the most wonderful father to our children.
What I love and adore most about Christian is his unwavering 
faith and testimony of Jesus Christ, and the way he
shares his witness of those truths with our children.
I love that he knows who he is and is true to what he believes. 
 I am couldn't as for a better baby-daddy.

I started a new tradition this year and made a boutonniere for Mr. Nielson
 to wear at church on Sunday.
Next year I am going to make my boys one too, 
(and future son-in-laws, someday).
I used a calla lily, the same flower he wore on our wedding day.

I also had the Little Nies each write down on a card what they
 loved about their dad, and what they have learned from him.

Around the table at dinner, Mr. Nielson read the cards and each child
 elaborated on what they wrote.  They were so sweet (and so funny). 
 As I listened to each child share their love and feelings for Mr Nielson,
I realized how profound of an effect he has had on our children, 
they look up to him and admire him so deeply.
The girls and I made a Father's Day feast:
Butter and garlic new potatoes
Grilled roasted corn
Pineapple with cream
Green salad with candied walnuts
Rolls (which didn't rise very well)
and for dessert I made Mr. Nielson's favorite 
peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream

Then Mr. Nielson helped the boys finish their last minute
packing list for Scout camp this Monday-Saturday.
I am so grateful he is going to be with our boys on this adventure.
They will forever and always remember these memories with him.
I will miss him so much, especially since we are in the middle
of catching up with Stranger Things.
Now I have to wait a full week before I can resume season 2!

 I love and honor my own earthy father too.
He has had a profound effect on my life as the protector and provider.
I never wanted, and was always loved and accepted by him.
I learned many valuable lessons from him about grit and courage.
Thank you dad, I love you!

And, I love and honor my Heavenly Father.
I am so grateful for the knowledge that He knows me, 
loves me, and wants me to succeed and be happy. 
He has NEVER let me down, and I know He never will!
He knows my plan, He knows my thoughts, and He inspires me to
love with compassion and goodness.
I love Him and will obey him always.

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