Thursday, June 13, 2019


Today could have quite possibly been one of the most boring days ever.
The girls slept in past noon, and the boys and Lottie rode
 their scooters around the house like it was the Indy 500.
The rule in our house is no TV or social media until after 4:30.
Around 11:30 I went into my room, shut the door,
 and prayed for the strength I needed to continue on deeper into summer.
This always happens at some point in the summer.
But, so sooooon??
I think the rainy weather isn't helping my cause.

Around 3:00 when the sun popped out, I begged Mr. Nielson
to take a break from work to take me on his motorcycle,
 I needed to get out and take a break from the Little Nies.
Plus I felt really bad that Lydia came all the way out to NC 
to sit in the living room and watch Wreck it Ralph.
Come on!!

We are headed to the beach today- whether the weather is good or not.
It would be another giant shame if we didn't take
Lyd to the beautiful NC beaches!  They are one of a kind!

I'm trying to remember what I did during the summers
when I was my kids age.
I don't remember everything; there were lots of movie making,
dress-ups, cousins, swimming, sleep-overs, and treat store runs.
Not all of those options are available for my Little Nies
however, Claire can drive which alleviates a lot of pressure off me.

We did discover a little snow cone shack. 
That's exciting!

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