Friday, June 07, 2019

School is OUT 2019.

Finally, summer break has come.
This is the last photo of Jane as a Sophomore.
 I took it while picking her up after her last final today.
I usually give the Little Nies one week to enjoy an unscheduled break.
They can sleep in, watch TV (after 4:00), 
and be bored.
After one week is up, we begin a summer schedule which
includes: chores, "mom's school" (reading and writing),
"Project Lunch," and lastly, they can never say
"I'm bored," or they'll pay...literally.

Tonight Clane's cousin Lydia is coming to stay 
with us for a week; we are so excited!
And.....A blast from the past:

Spiritual Enlightenment: "Abide in My Love"

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