Monday, June 10, 2019


The girls finished their last finals last Thursday which meant 
we decided Friday would be the day that we would take the NC
 drivers exam, and finally get our licenses!
Early Friday morning I dropped off the boys and
 Lottie at their schools for their very last day.
 Then the girls and I drove to the DMV 
where we took the beloved drivers test.
We waited a good two hours in the stinky, sweaty, humid-y DMV, 
but we PASSED!  It was super exciting considering I though Jane
was going to die of nervousness.
(She and Claire BOTH aced the tests,
of course they did!).
Meanwhile Mr. Nielson sent me a photo of Lottie hopping
off the bus for the last time as a 1st grader, which made me
tear up and feel sad, and bittersweet.
Shortly after that, I received another text from a 
friend who shared a photo
of the boys and all their friends at the neighborhood end-of-year party.
This is such a fun time of year.
Claire and Jane's best cousin Lydia flew in late Friday night to 
spend the whole week together.
We are so happy to have her here!!

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