Wednesday, June 05, 2019

One month away

Yesterday marked one month until the 4th of July!!
It's a favorite holiday around our house, because it means
summer in full-force in all of her sunny warm glory!
Last night just as the sun was setting, the girls and I hung up our
 flag buntings on the balcony of The White House.
With Angus watching our every move, we showed our USA pride
while reminiscing about past 4th of July's.
Swimming, fireworks, BB-Q's with lots of family around top everyone's
favorite past 4th of July's.
This year we won't be spending it with our family,
instead we will fill up our day creating and experiencing
 new traditions and memories with just our little crew.
Then the lighting bugs began popping up and we decided to
 sit on the porch like true Southerns, and rock in our chairs.
  I watched the Little Nies throw the ball to Angus,
and Lottie dance across the lawn.
I felt really content (except that Mr. Nielson was sick and stuck in bed),
my children are healthy and happy,
and we are blessed by God's grace everyday.
And only THREE more days until school gets out!
Who could ask for anything more?

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