Tuesday, June 04, 2019

The Secret Arboretum

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go for drives.  
We love piling in the car, turning up the tunes, 
rolling the windows down (if weather permits),
and driving the tree covered roads here in North Carolina.
Last night at dusk we spotted a little driveway off a
 inconspicuous road that was covered in vines and trees.
The entrance to the gate was guarded by two giant majestic cement gargoyles.
We pulled over, of course we pulled over!
Lottie stayed in the car with Mr. Nielson because she was really scared, 
but the kids and I walked to the driveway to examine the amazing creatures.
What was this place?  Who lived here?  Why was it so overgrown?
So many questions!
And just like the movies, I lifted up long ivy plants that covered a
 name that was etched in the stone gate.
"Krensica Arboretum". 
We had discovered a legit secret garden that had been abandoned.
Claire, my most cautious and obedient child ducked under the gate
and began running along the path.
So the rest of the kids and I timidly ducked under the gate and followed her.
How could we not, the garden was practically begging us to explore her!
Immediately inside the garden, we smelled the most amazing aroma.
It was gardenias, magnolias, wild roses, and pink mimosa all mixed together.
The sun was setting which meant that things started 
getting slightly creepy, but we kept getting deeper into the garden.
We discovered other gaudy statures that towered over other overgrown 
areas, and deserted white picked fences and monuments
that dotted grassy roads.
It was an incredible place.

Then out of nowhere we heard what sounded like shovels clanking,
chains dragging, and dogs barking.
The sounds got closer which was altogether very eerie.
I think we all screamed and made a mad dash
out of the once serene overgrown garden.
Now I don't know if we were being chased out, warned, or what-
but I swear dogs were being let of their leashes to 
scare and capture intruders (us!).
I yelled to Mr. Nielson hoping he'd hear my cries as we fled away,
 "start the car! We're coming!"
All five of us ran as fast as we could in the tall grass with lighting bugs 
buzzing every few seconds around us.

Mr. Nielson had the car on and ready for action.
We jumped in the car out of breath and Mr. Nielson skidded away.

After a few seconds of catching our breath, we all agreed we'd be back....
on Halloween for sure.

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