Tuesday, May 28, 2019


I am making progress(ish) in The White House.
Since it was Memorial Day yesterday, 
all the Little Nies were home from school.
They have just two more weeks left until school is officially OUT!
They are all burned out especially the older girls and me, too!
Mr. Nielson took us out to lunch since we have 
zero food in our kitchen.
On the way home, we stopped by the Harlow
 house to pick up some last moving boxes
but instead took a nap in the car.
We are all dead with exhaustion.
Claire and Jane have been spending hours in their room
organizing and cleaning.
The boys have been super annoying, and Lottie asks me every
 five seconds when she can have her new friends over.
(The way things are moving, probably not for five more months).
Then I was on the edge of tears because I wasn't getting any progress
done, and feeling pressure (and some guilt)
to be mom, unpack-er, the cook, fun mom, planner, and the organizer,
and all I really wanted to do was unpack the kitchen
so we can at least eat normal food!

Mr. Nielson could sense my frustration and took the kids
to the river on canoes.
It was a giant relief knowing they were having fun on this 
holiday and I had nothing to do with it.
Also while they were gone, I got most of the kitchen done.
Win Win!
Happy Memorial Day (yesterday).

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