Monday, May 27, 2019

Box, Lift, Load, Drive, Unload, Repeat

Box, lift, load, drive, carry, unload, repeat 100,000,0000 times.
We must have done that 50 times just last weekend alone! 
We've successfully moved to a new location in a more
 rural area of town closer to our property, and a bigger home for our family.
We are happy about the house (except the broken was 98 in Chapel Hill!).
Our first night in our home was Saturday.
We are still boxing, carrying, loading, driving, (and repeating),
from the Harlow House to the new house
(which we are calling The White House).
I pretty much see us doing all of that again tomorrow too.
I feel like I am sinking.
I am so thankful for helpful kids, good friends and neighbors,
and especially a happy, positive husband who told the Little Nies
in a family counsel yesterday:
"If you're making mom happy, you will be happy."
Right he is!
I was sooo thankful for the Sabbath day yesterday when 
I could relax and rest from my labors.
We spent the day ministering to new friends, and 
Mr. Nielson and I had a family meeting with the kids.
 We took a little nap, and recharged.
Then we finished the night at a friends home having dinner.
It was nice to let the burden of moving and all the piles
in every single room of my house go.

I am ready to take on my Memorial Day Monday
refreshed and renewed.

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